Financial Control

RGE & Co,

RGE & Co. will Help you Implement Financial Controls Across your Business

Please explore this page to find out the overview of our service and how we work with you to create and implement personalised processes for your business.


Race & Co. works with our clients and their teams to build sound financial control throughout their businesses and implement structured processes to underpin the needs of the company, legal obligations, customers, supply chain requirements and desired standards.

Our role is to listen to you and your team to create solid foundations and content that addresses your business challenges and opportunities.

We build on your existing processes the help you develop a 'handbook' and 'toolkit' to run your business efficiently and effectively, ensuring everything is in place to aid you in thriving financially, but most importantly, being secure in your financial circumstance.

Value of a Financial Control System


  • A 'handbook' on how to run your finances, nail your values and improve your KPIs.
  • Everyone understands the processes and their roles.
  • Common sense approach to managing technical requirements.


  • Provides core foundation as a training tool, reference library and audit checklist.
  • Achieve certification to recognise standards of accounting and tax legislation.
  • Give confidence to employees and owners by transparent natures.


  • A 'toolkit' to help you understand the techniques we use so you can improve as you go.
  • Training and coaching throughout to increase your knowledge.
  • Create a system that is scalable and saleable, so you can implement at any stage.


  • Confidence to address your business challenges and opportunities.
  • Peace of mind regarding your financial obligations and legal requirements.
  • Reliable help from our expert team and advisors.

The Journey

What to Expect from us.

So you have a business... You're doing the right things... But lack the structure within your financial control and processes to grow sustainably... The exact structure financial consultancy can provide - You're a bit like a chess board, you have all the pieces but you can't put them in the right places.

We take a common sense approach to helping our clients to build strong financial models and systems tailored to your business. This principle has shaped our client journey to help them get the best results from our support.

  • Getting to Know your Business

Our starting point is to understand your business and the influences that change it. We'll ask you about your ambitions, challenges and frustration, so we can work with you to create a financial system that provides solutions to your problems and has a positive impact on your growth.

  • Putting it into Plan

The hardest part is knowing where to start and finding the time to do it... We will develop an action plan with you, of the challenges that need to addressed. This is a critical stage that enables us to develop an effective strategy with you and identify key people that will be essential in the implementation of your financial plan.

  • Building the System

We build and tailor your financial system around your business. We help you to integrate monitoring tools, that allow you to develop a dashboard of information which can analyse key areas of the business and identify where improvements can be made. This Plan-Do-Check-Act approach is something Absolute Quality have used for year and have proven it is integral in promoting continual improvement and driving your business forward.

  • Working with You

We may be experts in building financial systems, but we are not experts in your finances! This is why we take a collaborative approach to make sure the ownership of your system lies with you. Your input is critical throughout the whole process, so by utilising your own resources such as in-house champions, we are able to coach your staff to run and manage the system and make sure that the knowledge is not held by one individual.